Yami Garden Chinese Restaurant 來一份

8-20 Island Shore Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3X 1N6, Canada

About Yami Garden Chinese Restaurant 來一份

3.2 / 5


Gilles Desrosiers
October 04, 2019

For mostly a take-out service for us, and being a small and not too fancy looking restaurant, the food is great .Portions are also generous enough that there is enough for 2 meals. Just add or make a little rice or noodles , more than enough for 2 meals.

Mo Subhan
March 01, 2019

New owners now. Kind of disappointed. Food does not taste the same anymore. Had to wait for an hour for just 2 fried rices. Fried rice was made with sushi rice and had no taste to it all. Yami garden used to be my go-to place for delicious fried rice - too bad won't go there anymore. Prices went up while portioning went down, for food that doesn't taste good anymore. No thanks! I'm giving two starts instead of one just because place looks more tidier and brighter than before. Otherwise it's a one star.

Naomi P
December 16, 2019

Just had the worst experience in 3 years of coming to this restaurant - ordered the same dish as always and only received half the portion this time. Extremely disappointed and the owner rudely refused to do anything about it, excuses after excuses. Did NOT get what I paid for, what a rip off! After a recent change of management, the customer service has gone down the toilet - sad to say my friends and I will NOT be coming back. What a waste of such a good brand name and food tradition.

Kathleen Marchinko
March 04, 2018

Ordered veal, along with other things, and got completely raw veal. When I spoke with the owner?manager? and sent a picture of the veal he laughed and was extremely rude. I understand veal is a "red meat" but blood and completely uncooked IS raw.

Usama Shah
March 17, 2018

I have been coming to Yami Garden for the past 10 years now and have experienced the food under many different managements. Each management has brought changes, some good, some bad. But overall I have always had a good experience. I can only speak for a couple of dishes that I always order. My favourite dish is the "Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil" Pros: - The staff has always been friendly - The pricing is reasonable - They offer good amount of traditional dishes - The place is always clean and well taken care of Cons: - Constant management change leads to inconsistency - Inconsistency in the way dishes are prepared. It seems as though they run out of ingredients and substitute them with what they have available. This has happened multiple times when ordering the same dish over the years. Sometimes the dish just doesn't taste the same regardless of ingredients. - Ordering over the phone can be difficulty sometime due to the language barrier So far I am impressed with the current management as they have definitely improved the consistency and quality of the food. Overall I do recommend Yami Garden but can be a hit or a miss for someone trying it for the first time.

Yami Garden Chinese Restaurant 來一份

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8-20 Island Shore Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3X 1N6, Canada

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