Sorrento’s Bar & Pizzeria

3900 Grant Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3R 3C5, Canada

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3.8 / 5


November 12, 2020

AWESOME! Friendly staff and you can tell there are a lot of regulars Which is always a good sign. The pizza is very tasty and well priced for the size you get. The place could be cleaner but it is good enough to make me happy. The All-Star here though is the salad. The special is incredible, delicious, and absolutely massive for a low price. I highly recommend everyone tries it, but make sure you come hungry.

Jane Smith
September 15, 2020

TO ANYONE CONSIDERING A JOB AT THIS LOCATION. I'd like to start off by saying the food is decent, especially the garlic breadsticks (even though most of it is from the supermarket) but there are better restaurants nearby to support. I worked at this location in the last year, for more than two months but less than six. The experience was absolutely horrible. All staff are overworked which leads to a toxic environment - I had at least one bad experience with 75% of the employees on the floor and 50% in the kitchen and bar. We were not paid for staff meetings, which went well past midnight during the week (I was in high school at the time). I was also frequently called in for shifts lasting under three hours and not given the minimum three hour compensation. It is very clear that the owners do not care about their employees in the slightest. I was unable to make a shift due to serious mental health concerns on a non-peak evening. Their first concern was to threaten firing me because I hadn't been able to find someone to cover my shift. Also, don't book time off, because you will only be given one or two shifts for the next three weeks, and they'll all be on Sundays where you'll make approximately twenty-five dollars. And if you're applying for a hosting job, be prepared for doing a LOT more than your job description would have you believe. During my brief time working there, I saw at least three new hires for my same position, and we were all planning on leaving the location around the same time. As far as I know, none of us lasted for more than six months. I was the first to go, but there were three notices handed in over a one-week time span. I was at the dentist a few weeks ago and brought up how I had worked at this location previously. He asked if I liked it and when I said that I didn't, he commented how he had heard that about this place. My dentist knows that Sorrento's is a bad place to work. My dentist. ...Cleanliness is also definitely not up to par. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. THERE ARE MANY OTHER PLACES HIRING WHERE YOU WILL BE TREATED WITH MORE RESPECT THAN THE DUST COLLECTING ON TOP OF THE PAPER TOWEL DISPENSERS IN THE BATHROOMS.

patty mondry
October 02, 2020

Very awesome service. Love their sorrento salad. A definitely go back again

Walter C
August 06, 2020

Great place. The pizza of course is excellent, but their salads are also really good. The portion size is excellent, I have never been disappointed here

Alex W
August 11, 2020

Good food. Nice considerate staff. Reasonable prices. Good bread. 😊

Sorrento’s Bar & Pizzeria

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3900 Grant Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3R 3C5, Canada

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