Slice’s Pizza Ltd. (Winnipeg) (Head Office)

1329 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0V3, Canada

About Slice’s Pizza Ltd. (Winnipeg) (Head Office)

4.4 / 5


Ace Zen Espinosa
October 08, 2020

Just called: First time experience. They might be busy, that's fine. Their website is down, that's fine. They might not know their specials ("because their website is down and they don't know what's on it"), that's fine. I wanna know their most popular pizzas: "Cheese, Pepperoni, Pineapple and Ham".... Sure that's fine. I ask about the toppings on the Chicken Alfredo pizza: "Delivery or pick up? ( I said, "Delivery") Chicken and Alfredo sauce."... Sure that's fine. But so rude the way he said it. Rushed. Short. Voice just rude. Those are all quotes, hard to not remember. That's the conversation. Will have to think about whether I can try again. Though, definitely only when their website works because I Definitely won't be asking any questions I can find out myself if the website was working :P

Jordan Argle
October 18, 2020

This place is pretty decent ! 2 large pizzas, garlic bread and 2, 2 litres is was 30 bucks and recieved it within 15 mins

Danielle Edwards
June 20, 2020

Love their cheese pizza, it is simple, but it tastes phenomenal. Best pizza I have had in Winnipeg. Great service everytime, I just call ahead my pizza is always ready and hot.

The Blunt Boo
November 22, 2020

Price on the sign says 7.99. Go in its 8.99 added a topping total was 12.70. Pizza was sub par. Wasn't worth it

Fantasy Lake
November 08, 2020

The best pizza for the cost.

Slice’s Pizza Ltd. (Winnipeg) (Head Office)

Our Address

1329 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0V3, Canada

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