Pizza Pizza

1873 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3J 0H1, Canada

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4 / 5


Alem Hosseini
September 09, 2020

Very delicious and great stuff

Marcelo Coutinho Tavares
August 31, 2020

Good pizza and great staff!!!

Manpreet Singh
September 23, 2020

This pizza pizza location is the best. I tried almost all locations in winnipeg. I come from south to get pizza from here. He always put good amount of cheese on the pizza has good taste than others. Feels fresh.. other locations i have tried barely any cheese/ very less toppings and very hard dough.. This location is awesome and i see the owner works himself here so thats why its good.

Mr Singh
October 29, 2020

Always good experience with this location of pizza pizza. Employees are welcoming and helpful.

Evelyn Alves
July 03, 2020

I've ordered a "build your own pizza" through skip the dishes. To building your own pizza you must to choose the "cheese base" and there is a option to select "No cheese". As I have allergy to cheese, I choose the option with "No cheese". Surprisingly, the pizza came with cheese. That's fine. Mistakes happens. So I've call pizza pizza and the only answer that I hear was: Contact skip the dishes. I've argued with his, as skip the dishes doesn't make pizza, so it was not their mistakes. I'm pregnant and really want to eat the pizza. So, I decide to drove to Pizza Pizza with my wrong pizza to be replaced. Getting there, I've explained again what's happened. So, what I heard was that they made my pizza as requested. At this point, the guy said that he would show me the order in his "iPad". When he read his screen, I'm pretty sure he realized his mistake, so he decided to not show me it anymore. All the time I was telling that I just want my correct pizza. From here, he said that if I want my pizza I should order another one so he would make it, which doesn't make any sense at all!! So, he said to contact skip the dishes, and that he doesn't care about my order. I'm just writing this review because the "customer services" really surprised me. Wasn't it more simples just to make me a new pizza as I ordered? In the end, I've donated the pizza, as I would never throw food away. I'm hoping with this review, that pizza pizza improves their system and own their mistakes when they happen, instead of simply just blaming other people/app.

Pizza Pizza

Our Address

1873 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3J 0H1, Canada

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