Pizza Hut

762 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2M7, Canada

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3.5 / 5


Larissa Adams
March 13, 2020

Had an amazing experience with this restaurant today. I placed an order for my reward which I didn't notice was carried over into tomorrow morning when I placed it (my bad). I called the store and Urvi was able to make sure I received my pizza tonight still at $0.00. Love the pizza hut rewards system and was super impressed with Urvi and the team's service. Really went above and beyond and I am so happy!

Em Dub
March 28, 2020

They got our order wrong. Put meat on my vegetarian pizza. By the time we drove back to get it my other pizza was cold. Was not offered a refund!!! Ridiculous. And no apology. There’s better pizza in this city for a lot less money.

Playboi The Creator
May 11, 2020

I called and attempted ordered a pizza at 8:45 and the location closes at 9. When i called a lady picked up and tried to deny that the location i called was Pizza Hut Pembina and stafford. When i double checked to see i called the right location, i found out that i had called the correct location and tried calling again at nearly 8:47 and they refused to pick up my calls again. I recommend this location stop hiring lazy employees that are losing business. Will definitely stop ordering from here. (edit : this happened on sunday may 10th, I was trying to get my mother a pizza for mother’s day)

October 12, 2019

Absolutely HORRENDOUS customer service. We called to place an order and were told it would take two hours. We were more than understanding due to the winter storm. After waiting three hours we called back to find out where our order was, only to be informed it had been cancelled some time ago... the problem is, they had our contact number and the DECENT thing to do would be to CALL your customer to inform them you have to cancel the order instead of having us find out in this way after being patient and waiting AN HOUR after the delivery was supposed to arrive. Absolutely disgusted with the poor quality of service here.

Lone Warden
August 19, 2019

Multiple problems with this order. When it was ordered, it was ordered with a estimated time of 35 minutes. (Estimated arrival at 6:45PM) This order did not arrive until AFTER 7:30PM. This is unacceptable if you have an estimated that is 1/3rd of the time. The pizza arrived cold. I'm not sure what your delivery drivers do, but a cold pizza after a 45 minute DELAY is not acceptable. Lastly, it was made very very poorly. We ordered garlic on the pizza, the garlic was placed in CLUMPS on pizza, not seasoned, this made the pizza un-edible. This is not acceptable business practice. Order at your own discretion.

Pizza Hut

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762 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2M7, Canada

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