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4.7 / 5


Noel Nazareth
August 28, 2020

There was a time and space where we forgot how a good BEEF CURRY & PAROTTA, would taste, but then this place came on our radar and then its been a saving grace for the little cultural part of the place we have fond memories of.If they make freeze and sell parottas i will take them, freshest, flakiest and nice(we did have the food a couple of hours later and the parottas stood their own ground). This combo a staple from the southern part of india they serve primary cuisine of. I would ask you to try their bamboo biryani, the aroma and umami of bamboo is really good - but its not exceptional, not like its going to transport you to biryani heaven, but then its better than lame excuse of biryani served at east india or ivory with veggies in biryani and non flavoured dry rice(seriously veggies in biryani is sacrilegious, please ask wherever you see that to stop) If i wanted to order a pulao i would have. I would ask them to add more gravy, layer it and add a lil buttter or ghee. Like us if you like the food to taste how it would taste in India, just ask them nicely to make it homestyle or make it nice like they do in India and also have it less spicy(by which i mean hot- less chillies or chilli powder, but you still want a good flavour, so well spiced) and they happily comply. I am genuinely happy. We also ordered chicken 65 to go with our booze. Unfortunately thats not how its made, we didnt expect it to be dry. Hopefully they read this and make ammends and make sure they add curry leaves abs marinade and oil and stir fry that chicken and increase the price for sure. Because if you ever have been at booze shacks or bars in south india and you dont order chicken 65 your beer wont stay in, you just gonna go wash it out. Its the perfect drink accompaniment(On a side note if you have a drink have papad(papadum as its called) sprikled with cucumber, tomatos, onions and chaat masala) I would ask you all to try meen(fish curry) and steamed rice and ask them what else you can try thats unique to them. Good quality, nice staff, fast service. what you waiting for? Order now.

Jen-Jen Malang
September 03, 2020

Picked up food from here, ordered butter chicken and beef masala. At first when the food was in the small takeout containers, i thought portion was small but it was fair price and good amount for 2 people. We had the paratha as well. The flavour is out of this world!! I still rave about how good it was and can't wait to explore the menu. This is the best indian restaurant/I've ever had and I've tried many places. Will be back! Please dont change anything!

Subin Subz
September 15, 2020

Best restaurant to get South Indian food from Winnipeg. The best part is you can get tasty Kerala foods. All the staffs are very friendly and helpful to find the good food. Also, Chef was very friendly. Good environment with a perfect and beautiful rest place in the restaurant.

October 16, 2020

I am shocked by the positive reviews. It’s either these positive reviews are friends of the owner or have not tried many East Indian restaurants. I ordered the butter chicken for delivery. When it arrived, the portions were comical for the amount that was paid (please feel free to order and see for yourself!). There was minimal chicken in the dish, with some pieces containing bones (it’s supposed to be boneless) and the flavour was sub par. For the best East Indian restaurant in the city, I would recommend Shahi Flames on Marion. In the south end of the city, Holy Spice is good.

Ali Hassan
September 19, 2020

Great place for home style kerala food. We ordered chicken 65, chicken biryani, fish curry with appam and parotta. Very satisfying, low oil, homely food. We will be going back! Their chef personally came out to ask how the food was. 5 stars for sure!!!

MC’s Curry

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20 Island Shore Blvd #13, Winnipeg, MB R3X 1N7, Canada

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