Dug & Betty’s Ice Creamery / Crèmerie de Glace

309 Des Meurons St, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0V2, Canada

About Dug & Betty’s Ice Creamery / Crèmerie de Glace

4.8 / 5



Since its launch in 2019, Dug & Betty's Ice Creamery has been establishing itself as one of Winnipeg's latest culinary hot spots. The Parisian-inspired setting is unlike anything this side of the Prairies - home to tantalizing small batch gourmet ice cream creations such as Strawberry Honey Balsamic Pepper, Sour Cherry with Dark Chocolate, Coconut Chocolate Fudge Oreo, Ube, and Matcha.

Marika Warner
October 12, 2020

The ice cream here is incredible. So smooth and creamy, and perfectly flavored. I had a parfait with peanut butter and caramel sauce and little rainbow marshmallows, and it tasted exactly like those peanut butter marshmallow squares. But with ice cream. A generous portion and fair price. I hope they stay open for ice cream all winter.

Margaux Miller
October 09, 2020

Amazing menu despite looking like a small shop. Great sandwiches and specials too! And of course amazing ice cream (ex. Earl Grey). Same owners as Infernos across the road = high quality food - but in a much more casual environment.

Mina r
October 06, 2020

A little ice-cream place tucked into the corner of the city. It has the most wonderful vibe, with friendly workers and a great selection of homemade ice cream. I haven't been there for lunch yet, but I am anticipating the quiche on the lunch menu.

June 17, 2020

I love ice cream so was looking forward to trying this place. It did not disappoint, in fact it was much better than expected. I don't think I have every had ice cream that is as creamy and smooth and tasty as this place. Even though the ice cream is pricey, it is well worth the treat! I need to go back. I enjoyed a sandwich beforehand, the smokey ham and cheese one, and it was really good. Only draw back was it took a long time to get it. If not in a hurry, this won't be a bother. Good job Dug & Betty's!!

Bonnie Hallman
November 10, 2020

The ice cream is delicious but this place is SO much more! Think the best home cooking you ever had - recommend the chicken pot pie, the hot turkey dinner and definitely the elk Bourginon

Dug & Betty’s Ice Creamery / Crèmerie de Glace

Our Address

309 Des Meurons St, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0V2, Canada

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