COBS Bread Bakery

827 Dakota St #2, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5M2, Canada

About COBS Bread Bakery

4.5 / 5


Ruth Clare
August 26, 2020

Great baked products, tasty, wholesome and appealing. They have a rewards card for bread loaves, if you are considering to be a repeat shopper. Their Apricot loaf is most delicious and perfect for a breakfast treat or just tea in the afternoon or evening. Scones in a multitude of flavors like blueberry are very popular. I shop every week. Oh! Pizza buns are very good. They stopped making focaccia bread. Too bad as it was very flavourful. All seed bread, health and great toasted.

Jack Martin
October 22, 2020

The bakery products to use a technical term are yummy. Try the specialty bread it is really nice. Great buns and sweet deserts, very nice people as well.

Chris Rogoski
November 09, 2020

Fantastic scones and cinnamon buns! Just tried some breakfast croissants this morning and they were excellent. Super friendly staff too.

eric g
November 11, 2020

Called ahead to confirm that a product is available and that their open at 1pm. The person confirmed that the product is available and open at 1. Stood 20 minutes in line only to find out the product wasn't ready until later in the day. When I mentioned that I called ahead to confirm it was available another girl from the back with blue hair came out and rudely snapped at me that she just said they'd be open at 1?!?!?! Obviously I was coming in for what I asked, I understand mistakes happens sometimes but could of atleat been polite about it. Anyways won't be coming back, too bad as food is great but no point waisting my time with rude and incompetent staff, plenty of other options.

Beverly Poolie
July 01, 2020

We love everything there. So delicious. Staff were so friendly until 6 months ago. A girl at the front in morning is not friendly. Like she does not want to be there.

COBS Bread Bakery

Our Address

827 Dakota St #2, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5M2, Canada

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